Panduit Launches The New Adjustable 4-Post Frame

The Panduit Adjustable Depth 4 Post Rack System is designed to support network equipment found in data centre, telecommunication room and lab environments.

The rack is adjustable from 23” to 42” in 0.5” increments, allowing for multiple customer depth options and is also available in both Black and White.

The rack combines the stability of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open rack to provide the user with maximum flexibility when designing the network layout.  Front and rear weldments with adjustable front-to-back braces provide the required strength and flexibility needed to work with various types of active equipment.

The open design allows for maximum airflow in and around the rack. The Adjustable Depth 4 Post Rack System is part of a complete rack and cable management system that manages, protects, and showcases your network investment.

The Panduit Adjustable 4 Post Rack is designed for use with Panduit PatchRunner2 and other suitable Panduit Vertical Management options, all of which are also available in White.